To LOVE is to...

St. Valentines Day is known as a day for lovers, but it is not just for couples (although marketers would tell you different).  Yes, if you have a special someone then by all means, enjoy conjuring up some romance (perhaps even spooning while cocooning), but the majority of the population is not coupled.  If this is you, here is how you too can enjoy the sacred day of LOVE. 

To LOVE is to open your heart to all the beauty that surrounds you. Slow down and see the world through a new set of eyes on Valentines Day.

To LOVE is to share your light with another.  Allow yourself to connect with people you might normally walk past.  Give them a smile and a hello.  Every connection lightens your day.

To LOVE is to feel the beating of your heart and understand that it is connected to every other living entity on this planet, to mother nature herself.  To feel loved, we simply have to remember that we are never alone and that our very essence is love.

To LOVE is to give freely without expectation of reciprocation. Choose to perform a random act of kindness then take a breath and savor the love that fills you up from doing so.

Make every day Valentines Day by opening yourself to LOVE in all its many forms.  To stay Open & Free find yourself in an AntiGravity class, it’s what we do!