To LOVE is to...

To LOVE is to...

St. Valentines Day is known as a day for lovers, but it is not just for couples (although marketers would tell you different).  Yes, if you have a special someone then by all means, enjoy conjuring up some romance (perhaps even spooning while cocooning), but the majority of the population is not coupled.  If this is you, here is how you too can enjoy the sacred day of LOVE. 

Thanksgiving Meditation from Christopher Harrison

Thanksgiving is the kindest of holidays because we spend time with those we love in gratitude; the ultimate form of prayer.


For your Thanksgiving Meditation, as you count your many blessings, remember that your health, it is your wealth.  Give thanks for the gift of life; every moment you breathe is such a wonder.  Allow this feeling to fill you to the brim until you remember your oneness with all living things. This practice of gratitude will only attract more of what you are grateful for.  


Finally, find some way to selflessly give on this day and know that as you give, you will receive, in equal measure.  Use this holiday of Thanksgiving as a reminder to make every day, a day for thanks giving.

No matter where in the world you reside, here at AntiGravity Headquarters, we are wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving season.

Decompression Inversion Can Help Eliminate Cancer-Causing Agents

October is an important month for our global network because we get to do our part in helping to eradicate breast cancer. Our global campaign not only raises money, but also raises awareness, helping to educate people about what they can do to help rid themselves of toxins that cause breast cancer.



When someone dies of cancer, during the autopsy, the lymph nodes are checked to see what toxins are in their system. If one tips upside down every day, they refresh their endocrine system, aiding the lymph nodes in eliminating cancer-causing agents.

Consider the body as a pond that gathers silt if a river doesn’t run through it. Inversions stir the body up and allow a refresh (which is why we always suggest drinking a lot of water after a class).


Take an AntiGravity class every day and minimize your risk, or if you are a male, join us in our campaign to turn the world upside down and know that there are benefits that support your mothers, sisters, wives, and friends.