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Introducing AntiGravity® 1on1: D-Kink

Introducing AntiGravity® 1on1: D-Kink

Introducing a 1-Day AntiGravity® Training Program for Personal Trainers.  This special 1-day training from the creators of AntiGravity® Yoga & Fitness is specifically designed for Personal Trainers (PT) who care about the "Decompression Factor" to promote balance for their clients. In order to minimize injuries and shorten recovery time, a hard training session should be balanced with a decompression activity.     

AntiGravity® Fitness Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

AntiGravity® Fitness Partners With The Breast Cancer Fund To Help Find A Cure
*Funds *Propel *Fight Forward With Classes & PINK Hammocks

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AntiGravity® Fitness is partnering with the Breast Cancer Fund to find a cure.

WHAT: During the month of October, AntiGravity studios will donate proceeds from designated classes, to the Breast Cancer Fund.

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Additionally, limited edition PINK Harrison AntiGravity® Hammocks will be available on www.antigravityfitness.com, with 100 percent of proceeds
 benefitting The Breast Cancer Fund. As added incentive to participate, the studio that raises the most support will also receive a pink hammock
 signed by Founder Christopher Harrison.

WHY: With one in eight women facing the disease, Breast Cancer blindly touches all.
AntiGravity Fitness takes prides in empowering women in over 50 countries, including Saudi Arabia.
Click here to learn more about why this cause is near and dear AntiGravity Creator, Christopher Harrison.
HOW TO DONATE: Join AntiGravity in the quest to find a cure and donate here. To find a participating studio, look for the “featured studio” icon
on AntiGravity’s location finder — http://antigravityfitness.com/locations.


2015 Global AntiGravity® Summit

2015 Global AntiGravity® Summit

The first ever Global AntiGravity® Summit in Orlando, Florida, very coincidentally took place near a Buddhist Temple on Dharma Circle, just off of Nirvana way — the whole team felt like they were training in Shangri–La. After an intensive week of trainings held, discoveries made, and fun had with Instructor Trainers from all over the world, AntiGravity® is excited to reveal all the major changes coming to the techniques, including a completely new program! Read the complete recap of the #AGSummit below in the launch post of AntiGravity®’s brand new blog!