Introducing AntiGravity® 1on1: D-Kink

AntiGravity® is proud to announce a 1-Day AntiGravity® Training Program for Personal Trainers.

This special 1-day training from the creators of AntiGravity® Yoga & Fitness is specifically designed for Personal Trainers (PT) who care about the "Decompression Factor" to promote balance for their clients. 

In order to minimize injuries and shorten recovery time, a hard training session should be balanced with a decompression activity.                         

This AntiGravity 1on1 class design, aptly called "D-Kink" is meant to get the kinks out utilizing the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock for spinal traction, enhanced mobility and a floating massage.  

AntiGravity 1on1 is a game changer for personal trainers and bodyworkers from many fields. The sequences are original and unique, allowing for decompression in a safe and controlled manner.

"D-Kink" is the first of many upcoming class designs created specifically forAntiGravity® 1on1.  

This unique and original program is approved byNASM and AFAA for continuing education credits.

Please visit AntiGravity's website to find out where the next training is.