How to Succeed With YOUR New Year Resolutions

“In the future I resolve to ...” , “From here on out I will …”, “I am no longer going to …”

These are all such powerful statements, and very important if you are to make changes in your life. However, there is a more powerful way to create a resolution, a way that is more successful: by affirming changes as they are already happening.

there is a more powerful way to create a resolution

How? Simply with the words: “I am…” followed by a positive statement about a change you see already happening.

The reasoning behind this is when you put change into the context of the present, something shifts. The task is no longer something you know you have to do and are putting off.  Instead, it becomes a part of you and is therefore much easier to nurture into a stronger state of being.

For Example:

I AM so much better at time management this year!
I AM enjoying healthier eating habits today and every day!

I AM having a winning year when it comes to accomplishing my fitness goals!

I AM spending more time training my body to be active and my mind to be still.

put them firmly in the present moment

Whatever your own Resolutions may be, put them firmly in the present moment with your words as if they are already happening, and then watch the change take place.

Meanwhile, in case you need another resolution (wink), consider resolving to “become more open” by hanging upside down for 5 minutes every day; opening up space in the body and mind and say, “I AM more open to see and experience all the beauty life has to offer.”

-Christopher Harrison-