2015 Global AntiGravity® Summit

The first ever Global AntiGravity® Summit in Orlando, Florida, very coincidentally took place near a Buddhist Temple on Dharma Circle, just off of Nirvana way — the whole team felt like they were training in Shangri–La. After an intensive week of trainings held, discoveries made, and fun had with Instructor Trainers from all over the world, AntiGravity® is excited to reveal all the major changes coming to the techniques, including a completely new program! Read the complete recap of the #AGSummit below in the launch post of AntiGravity®’s brand new blog!


The AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga Instructor Training went brilliantly! The group of Instructor Trainers were eager to learn, knowing what a big effect this technique will make on their communities. Training sessions delved into the mind/body connection, discussing the power one has for transformation through one’s own thoughts. The classes also explored the power of decompression and the need for it in this hectic world. The week was long so, students and teachers alike indulged themselves with a nap in the hammocks, basking in the floating sensation. The power to reconnect minds and bodies and heal the nervous system in AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga is superior to any method yet found. Though she was missed, co-developer Shelly Bomb was kept there in spirit.


AntiGravity® Pilates got a powerful boost! Laura Colon is the new Program Manager, and with that announcement AntiGravity® also debuted a newly revised manual with all new photos, a glossary, and very concise methodology that would make Joseph Pilates proud. The newest Instructor Trainers for this masterful technique felt empowered to deliver a dazzling derivative of Pilates (aka Contrology) with the utmost quality!


The AntiGravity®  Kids Instructor Trainer Course was by far the most fun! As adults we got to go back to the playground and role-play children. Master Instructor and Co-Developer Darlene Casanova pulled out all the stops with a revised manual that is worth of a PhD. AntiGravity® is proud to say that this technique is beyond masterful, as well as necessary for a world where children get their faces stuck in a screen far too early in life and are not developing their proprioceptors enough. Congratulations to all the new Instructor Trainers from around the globe and kudos to Darlene!


Spare time in the evenings was spent flipping and flying at the AntiGravity® National Training Center for the Aerial Arts. A kinetic wonderland located within the AntiGravity® Theater, the Herculean Daniel Stover and his high flying fiancé Heather Dodt kept everyone up in the air. Christopher Harrison himself was running on walls 30 feet in the air and flipping wildly in bungees while gently coaxing everyone to try it all. The most exciting thing for all in attendance was seeing how the AntiGravity® Fitness techniques had prepared everyone to be aerialists. Everyone was surprised at how proficient they were (although some had to get accustomed to the dizziness factor and the discomfort of a new apparatus). They made beautiful lines and had amazing strength!


During one night during the Summit, the AntiGravity® Theater hosted a special dinner and show. Members of the AntiGravity® Pro Team and stars from the AntiGravity® Aerial School treated us to some amazing performance numbers choreographed by Heather Dodt. There was a stunning aerial silk act, an aerial ballet on Flying Frames, a sexy double straps routine, and Daniel Stover’s famous hand-balancing routine with Digney. A quick tally that night determined that Daniel has performed the AntiGravity® act more than 2000 times. The company has great pride in the AntiGravity® Orlando team and how they move the aerial arts forward with professionalism, quality, and safety at every turn.


Christopher Harrison taught the AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga Instructor Training, while Master Instructor KD Diallo taught the AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness Instructor Training. AntiGravity® is proud and grateful of the amazing team who helped raise these programs up — especially Lorianne and Eileen! The manuals have been completely reworked, shifting content from the Tier 2s to find more balance. The developmental process always continues, and at last these programs have hit the perfect amount of creative content to match the time available to deliver, with a perfect balance between them that will allow any AntiGravity® studio enough content to deliver great classes for both hardcore yogis and fitness enthusiasts.


The Two Star Instructor Trainer Testing day included requiring the new Instructor Trainers to properly lead AntiGravity® rituals. The “Fly High” ritual has been around for over 20 years and is conducted all over the world, both by performance teams before a show and by every new Instructor Team following their training.  It bonds the community together and brings about great pride every time.


The AntiGravity® AIRbarre Instructor Training gracefully delivered by Master Instructor and Assistant Choreographer Lorianne Major rocked everyone’s world. Stemming from Christopher’s days as a Broadway dancer, the program is succinct and playful, giving solid conditioning for dance as well as a killer legs workout. Everyone finished the training understanding the AntiGravity® Training Center adage, “sore today but strong tomorrow”.


AIRography is the word coined by Christopher for a special breed of aerial dance. After developing a charting system for music years ago that is user-friendly for non-music readers, Christopher introduced this system along with a lovely routine to John Legend’s “So High”, using all moves from AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1 & 2. It is not only delicious, but it is easy to teach as the movement vocabulary enhances the learning


Newton is the ultimate mascot. He is constantly showing off his own physical prowess, whether it be dancing, sitting pretty, or jumping, jumping, jumping!  He bonds the AntiGravity® family together, and everyone enjoys his affection. He knows his tribe and demonstrates the company value of “Inclusivity” at all times.


Also unveiled at the AntiGravity® 2015 Global Instructor Training Summit was the updated AntiGravity® Mission Statement:  “To inspire the world to be lighter in body & mind; spreading health and happiness through innovative movement; living up to the name AntiGravity® in both senses of the word.”


One of the most exciting moments at the 2015 AntiGravity Global Summit was the introduction of AntiGravity® Light, a partial program taught in a mini-course called 1-on-1 for Personal Trainers. Watch out world, this is going to be huge!