$5,720 DONATED to Breast Cancer Fund!

The AntiGravity® family is very proud to have raised a total of $5,720 towards the Breast Cancer cause from our October campaign!


We donated to Breast Cancer Fund!


Thank you all the clients who took classes and attended my workshops.  A special thanks goes out to the participating studios, to the instructors who donated their time and to those who purchased signature Pink Harrison AntiGravity® Hammocks. Together we helped. 

It is my fervent prayer that no one will ever have to raise money for this cause again --- until there is a cure, however, I am proud we can do our share.  For anyone who has dealt with the challenge, either first hand or with someone in your life, know that here at AntiGravity --- we care.  


Come to AntiGravity, turn yourself upside down and help your body flush out any toxins from your system.  An inversion a day just might keep the doctor away.



Christopher Harrison