CAGI visiting 13 countries taking AntiGravity® classes: an AG Instructor Journey

Ellany Lea of Inner Outer Wealth is a Certified AntiGravity® Instructor (CAGI), traveling the world, visiting 13 different countries, taking AntiGravity® classes in places she's visiting, and sharing her amazing (and often hilarious) experience with us on our blog:

Ellany Lea of  Inner Outer Wealth , also a Certified AntiGravity® Instructor (CAGI)

Ellany Lea of Inner Outer Wealth, also a Certified AntiGravity® Instructor (CAGI)

How did I find Antigravity Yoga (AGY)? I smacked into it. Literally. I worked for a year in the building next door. During my last week of work at this building, I turned right to walk home, as I’ve done every day for a year, and smacked right into an AGY A-stand. Wait a minute, that wasn’t there before.

Before I knew it, I went upstairs, wide-eyed and confused. A friendly face greeted me. I signed up for a 3-class intro pack. Since 2007, I’ve gone twice a week, religiously.

Also since 2007, my annual physical chart says I’ve grown an inch. Now I don’t have scientific proof that AGY contributed to that, but I definitely am living proof of how AGY has strengthened my body, lightened my heart, and free up my mind. I mean, how often do you go for a workout and end up upside down, laughing out loud? (I’ve got plenty more examples of how AGY has contributed to the inner wealth and financial freedom I have today, so stay tuned!)

Fast forward to today, I’ve created a wealth coaching business that I take on the road. I coach my clients from all over the world, while I’m all over the road. I woke up one day and thought, how fun would it be to visit every AGY studio I can on my 13-country Exquisite Freedom tour. I’ll maintain my fitness and lightheartedness and visit my AGY family at the same time, since Christopher Harrison has truly created a family for us all.

Ellany with Christopher Harrison in 2013 when she received her certification

Ellany with Christopher Harrison in 2013 when she received her certification


On my first stop, I called the Japan NAVI studio. I spoke English, they spoke Japanese. I understood enough Japanese to know that she didn’t understand me. And she understood enough English to know that I didn’t understand her. Lol!

She said “chotto made” (which from my semester abroad in Singapore when I studied Japanese, meant “wait a moment”). So I waited. My face must have spelled a mix of “what am I doing?” and “this is freakin’ hilarious” and “oh no, now she knows my secret... that I am crazy”.

Then a bubbly voice came on the phone, learned that I was a Certified AGY Instructor, and chatted with some people in the background to see if I could take a drop-in class. I’m guessing they’ve never had anyone from overseas just parachute in. Well.. now they have!

She told me the price, which is 1.5X more than in Vancouver, re-iterated MANY times that the class would be in Japanese, to which I replied “the body is wise, it’ll know what to do”, to which she re-iterated that the class would be entirely in Japanese, to which I replied... This went on for a while. Lol!

When I showed up, she jumped out from the desk to greet me. As I pulled out my wallet, she told me that the class was complimentary. Aww. She guided me to the changing rooms, gave me a deliciously warm towel to wipe my feet before I entered the studio, and introduced me to the teacher. Holy wow, the hospitality!

I felt like royalty. Christopher, this is probably how you feel every time you walk in to one of your studios worldwide ;) Thank you for sharing a glimpse of that with me, tee-hee. It truly felt like coming home. As the teacher, Tsuyoshi introduced the basics and himself. I heard stuff, stuff, “Vancouver”, stuff, stuff “ju san” (which means 13), stuff, stuff, and “Tina-san”. Oh shit, he was talking about me and my 13-country freedom tour! I have no idea what he said but the whole class started clapping. <insert embarrassment>

Ellany with Hiromi (L) and Tsuyoshi (R)&nbsp;from Navi in  
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Ellany with Hiromi (L) and Tsuyoshi (R) from Navi in AntiGravity® Japan


As class started, I heard “cato” (which I figured was cat pose), “muro” (which I figured was mule pose) and “skeejumpuro” (which I figured was ski jumper pose). It was freakin’ awesome! To be immersed in colorful silks with perfect strangers and feeling so at home at the same time, was short of a miracle. Kudos Christopher for creating such a loving, enlightened and light-hearted family, spanning the globe.


There were plants and white cloth interwoven with the ceiling lights to create a sanctuary. There were tea cups and hot tea to create a sense of community. And Tsuyoshi was the most excellent DJ. He even counted off the moves in English in my honor :) AND, the AGY studio was in the basement of Asian Breeze, a spa that included massage and relaxation services. Man, if I wasn’t getting on a flight the next day, I would have moved in permanently.

I was so moved, so touched and even more resolved to visit every AGY studio in the cities I’ll be visiting. Bali and Bangkok, see you next!